“MACBETH She should have died hereafter; There would have been a time for such a word. To-morrow, and to-morrow, and to-morrow, Creeps in this petty pace from day to day To the last syllable of recorded time, And all our yesterdays have lighted fools The way to dusty death. Out, out, brief candle! Life’s but […]

I’m interested in joining This Sixth form because I want to gain A-levels and advance on to university.  I would like to go to this sixth form because I think the environment would be beneficial to me. I know I can be a great addition to this sixth-form. At my current school I was involved […]

The moments leading up to the Macbeth killing King Duncan he goes through a lot of changes. As he tries to make sense of his actions he imagines a dagger. We know it’s not real he tries to grab it and he can’t touch it. Macbeth is having hallucinations , his brain is trying to make […]

Research information about Franz Kafka’s Life. Born on July 3, 1883, in Prague, capital of what is now the Czech Republic, writer Franz Kafka grew up in an upper middle-class Jewish family. After studying law at the University of Prague, he worked in insurance and wrote in the evenings. In 1923, he moved to Berlin to focus on […]

The is the first book in a series by Sherrilyn Kenyon. The series is about a boy called Nick who finds out he its part of a supernatural race called “malachi” who are very powerful and angry. The first book is mainly about things falling into place. Throughout this book Nick saves his town from zombies […]

Act 1 Scene 3 : “In the last paragraph from Macbeth he says “The prince of Cumberland that is step on which I must fall down or else o’erleap for in my way it lies. Stars hide your fires let not light see my black and deep desires the eye link at the hand yet […]

It was a hot sunny day in May. The weather had been good lately which is surprising since this was in England. The place was full today. People slumped against trees sleeping like bears. Families out laughing and smiling soaking up the sun like it was going for a walk and never coming back. I took […]

Key Questions: I decided to change a lot in the script , I thought up new ideas for the script because i couldn’t continue because of how it ended . I focused on the social worker , not doing a lot of things i could of done about the father and the child. I wanted […]

He woke up , covers spread out over the floor. “It was a dream?” Mr.Senior asked himself. “That was all a dream?” After doing all his morning routine he jumped into his car and drove to work. He felt tired and could only think about his dream. “Why did I dream that?” “I wouldn’t kill myself … would I?” Before he knew it he was at work , He stepped out of his car and walked in to the “miserable abyss” that was his work. “You don’t look to good” Lisa pointed out “Rough Knight?” “Im fine , Just couldn’t sleep” “I was look at the case you have and I think w e can take the child in a couple of weeks” “No…Y-You should take him ASAP , I think he’s in danger.“It was clear that there was more to it than that but Lisa couldn’t be bothered to ask . Tyrone couldn’t get his dream out of his head , he couldn’t focus and eventually gave in . He called up the child . “What!”barked Darius “Who dis?” “THIS is Tyrone…your social worker.” “Oh yeah , Your not needed anymore so bye.” “What , its not your call to make … but i can come back down again and test you again.” “Test me again? Wat does dat mean I didn’t do well the first time.” “I just think first impressions were bad ” “Fine , Tomorrow” . It was the next day and Tyrone was on his way to Darius’s house , he was more than nervous and a little scared . He was driving fast and as he skidded his car into a spot right outside the house he was scared . Not knowing what he would find there but hoping it would be enough to take Tyreese for good. He knocked the door hand shaking and a bead of sweat rolling down his forehead. “Hey um yh u can come in “. “Yes i’m back to see – “I’m sorry for how I acted Before i was a different person before”.”People don’t change”Tyrone muttered under his breath”.

Tyrone walked in and instantly noticed there were no empty cans along the floor and there was no more of that dead animal smell.”So…wat can I help u with?” “I want to talk to you son“Tyrone said sternly. “ok” Tyrone walked into Tyreese room. He looked around the room trying to find something that would justify him taking Tyreese. Tyreese and Tyrone had a long talk which contained Tyrone trying to get Tyreese to admit he needed help. Tyrone couldn’t stop thinking about his dream and he was half there through the conservation.Tyrone went to that house with backup on speed dial but left feeling that he’d been cheated , he analysed the visit tyrone to make something out of nothing . Like the fact that he didn’t see Tyeese stand up throught the whole visit and he was hung up on maybe seeing a empty vodka bottle but not being sure. Tyrone went home with no answers but determined to find out what was really going on. As Tyrone stepped through the door he flung his jacket onto the floor and started for a beer in the fridge. Three hours later Tyrone had thought up the best plan to catch Darius. There was a loud banging at the door but it was more like a warning than a knock as Darius burst through the door. Tyrone sat the drunk Darius down and they had a talk , a long talk about themselves , each of their past’s and whats in store for the future. Tyrone even told him about the dream and what he thought he saw at Darius’s house. There was a sudden change in Darius as he began to realise what Tyrone really was , he was the enemy trying to take his child away from him . There had been a lot of people seeing what they thought they saw and what they wanted to see. When Tyrone left Darius’s house that day he convinced himself that he saw the bottle and that Tyreese not standing up was a thing but it was really what he wanted to see. But when Darius saw Tyrone reach for the phone he saw both , he wanted a excuse to do what he did so that was what he wanted to see and well as what he thought he saw. Darius worked quick , he pushed Tyrone down to the ground and punched him enough so he was dazed but not to much so he’d be awake for Darius to wrap his hands around Tyrone’s throat and squeeze till Tyrone was dead. After that Darius left , as fast as he could he drove to his house to then find his son dead in his bed , blood everywhere as Tyrone had slit his own wrists leaving a note saying sorry for his mother.


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Magwich first describes Compeyson says “I’d crack wi’ this poker, like the claw of a lobster” In this simile Dickens creates the connotation that it was easy and he done it without thinking. A lobster could crack a skull easily and its like second nature to it. We know this to be easy for Magwitch […]